Currency Exchange Rate Comparisons – Philippines


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  1. Wala ng halaga ang peso money ng pinoy tinatapon lang sa sugal ng mayayaman pati coins kaya i suggest mag pasakop
    Nalang tayo sa US para maging dollar na ang money ng pinoy, para wala ng abroad abroad at magpa samantalang recruiters nayan, actually maganda naman ang systema ng US Government libre ang hospitalization nila at mas mataas ang sahod ng mga ordinaryong trabaho tulad ng carpentero, mekaniko, staff employee, encoder , maid, caregiver, nurse, etc kung alam nyu lang marami kasi walang alam tungkol dito or ayaw ipaalam kasi patuloy na nagpapaka tanga ang iba

  2. I think it will be useful for many people.

    There are dozens of exchangers on the Internet and each of them has its own exchange rate. The <a href="" onclick="this.href=''"></a> monitoring service allows you to exchange electronic money at the best rates that can be found on the Internet. This site will give you the best currently available exchanger regarding its rate/reserve. All popular automatic exchangers are in this rating. The administrators take adding new exchangers to the rating seriously so you should not worry about the security of your exchanges.

    Exchange rates are automatically updated for all exchangers every 5 seconds – they keep information really up to date at this monitoring service.

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    My Story:

    After 49 years of doing the hamster-wheel in California, I finally left it all

    and decided to see what Southeast Asia had to offer. I moved to the Philippines

    for 6 years, experienced some of the best times of my entire life!

    Now, I am exploring again and living in Vietnam. Join me as I venture out to see

    more of Vietnam and the surrounding areas. I will share with you my thoughts on

    what I see and how I handle the various challenges of living as a full-time expat

    in Southeast Asia. For more photos and non-Youtube videos, join or follow my

    Facebook page.

    — Reekay

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  4. Thanks! The issue is I'm in the states so we were trying to send money to buy a home in my wife's city. Just not sure if she will have any issues carrying U.S. dollars . And the max she is allowed to carry. And how close they check. We been sending to her dad but they only let you send 2999 and 15.00 fee crazy times 16 gets expensive. She will activate her account and open a dollar account when there. But thank you!

  5. Hi my name is Pete I was reading your info. I'm American myself married to a filipana she is from Dumugete. Been there several times. Wife and I are buying a small home there and plan on moving there full time. My question is I see the peco rate is 49.83. But when I use Xoom I only get 47.5 but when I use Remitly they give me 48.35. I'm buying the home about 2m how do I get full value on the US dollars?Thank you for your time Pete

  6. Hey bud headed home to the states on Nov 30th not returning. Thought I was staying because I have lived here for years so last time I crossed the pond I brought a big chunk of change with me. I still have 64000 php burning a hole in my pocket. Can you give some advice on where to change it? I'll be going through HK to SFO then onward to Sacramento. What in your opinion would be my best exchange pont? Thanks Bud!

  7. Another option no one seems to have mentioned is have a bank account through which you can withdraw cash at a local ATM. A good example is HSBC whom I bank with locally and through which I can withdraw in the Philippines at a local HSBC ATM at no charge. If you do this you get a good rate and avoid the risks associated with exchanging cash both in terms of fakes and security.

  8. Is it not possible to buy Philippines notes in you own country?, Moroccan money is not possible to buy so l need change at the bank in Tanger. On another channel someone was saying that you need around 75 dollars before you enter at the airport so how can you get that money for fees if you have not the money to give them?.

  9. What about direct deposit from your bank in the states to Lyn"s bank account. That should give you even higher exchange rate.

  10. Exchanging money in the malls is usually a good place to start for foreigners. In Philippines I check the malls, dedicated Forex businesses, and banks. Rates can vary greatly depending which city and which vendor used.

  11. you were lucky to get 40 pesos to 1$ in incheon and even lucky that they accepted them…. changing currencies in a third country(peso is not the currency of korea and its not the us dollar(the most used currency around the world) usuallly gives the lowest rates…i found exchanging  money when arriving in manila airport is not bad at all (maybe 43-44) considering usually airports have the worst rates, even exchanging euros there is not that bad. i expected much worse. when travelling in airports  you should avoid travelex offices or whatever the fanciest it looks ,the worse the rate. i changed with them only a couple of times (the smallest amount) just to have cash to buy something at the airport because i didnt want to use the atm…

  12. thanks for the good advice i will keep it in mind on my next trip to philippines. i would be interested to find out the exchange rate for peso to britsh pound there, at western union branches here 64p to 1 gbp

  13. I use Charles Schwab account when overseas. Their ATM card doesn't charge exchange fees or ATM fees. They reimburse you the foreign ATM fees. I find it safer than carrying around large amounts of cash. They also almost match the FOREX exchange rate. And you can withdraw whatever amount you need as long as you have money in the account LOL.

  14. I was waiting for one of these to come, you should also tell them that they get more for $100 and $50 Bills, for some odd reason there in the Philippines they give you less if you were to try exchange US dollars in $20s 🙁 so I recommend when you travel there bring big bills

  15. I use the Charles Schwab ATM card when I stay on Asia. There are no fees and the rate is very close to the Forex rate. Also they will rebate any local ATM fees. Check it out.


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