Could you survive this haunted house for $20K?


Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig breaks down the ‘psychological torture’ behind America’s scariest haunted house McKamey Manor.

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  1. Wait the safe word is pineapple…there’s some guy who told a cop pineapple juice was his safe word 😂

  2. How the hell is this ok???? Why on earth would anybody.. and i mean anybody want to do this crap?? I mean they could or maybe have severely hurt people.. possibly caused people to die.. and this is ok? Really?! I don't freaking care if they give money at the end. This is just outright torture and horrible. They all need to go to jail. 😲😠

  3. This lady did a really shitty job explaining 'sensory deprivation'. It's not just 'they put you in a dark room'. Sensory deprivation is having your SENSES cut off. Your 2 primary senses, you can't see, you can't hear. You have a blindfold and headphones with noise playing in your ears so that's all you can hear, nothing in your surroundings can be heard. That would suck.

  4. Lol no they dont tell u about the 7 hours of boot camp before ever be for u go in to the barn

    The chamber and San Diego yrs was the real Makamy manor

  5. There is no safe word at all they choose when you are physiologically broken down enough and then they take you out. Actually sickens me.

  6. This is not a Haunted House it's a house of mental and physical torture. If you can survive 8-10 hours of mental and physical torture he will give you $20K.

  7. Yes legally! Thank you! Why does a 40 page waiver keep him safe? Why can he do this? Entertainment? It’s not entertaining, Halloween Horror Nights is entertaining not this. 😡

  8. The person who made this is actually a good person he does this to strengthen people he brings out your worst fears to see if u can survive but when u want to quit, he tells you "come on u can do this it's all in your head" he encourages u do it and it helps u get stronger.


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