Coronavirus: WHO accuses governments of 'alarming levels of inaction' | DW News


The World Health Organisation has declared the coronavirus a pandemic and accused governments of “alarming levels of inaction”. The WHO says it hopes using the word ‘pandemic’ will shock lethargic governments into taking more decisive measures. One of the worst-hit countries, Italy, has announced another wave of restrictions. Now, all shops, except food stores and pharmacies, will be closed to try to halt the spread of the disease.
US President Donald Trump has banned nearly all travel from Europe to the United States starting at midnight on Friday. The ban will last for 30 days, but excludes the UK and Ireland and a few other countries outside the Schengen passport-free travel area. Trump said clusters of coronavirus infections in the US were traceable to people coming from Europe. He blamed the European Union for failing to act quickly enough to prevent the spread of the disease.

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  1. Anyone got the virus yet? Do you know anyone with the virus? I don't anyone with it. Seem's like The news is speeding panic, I smell BS. all famous people claiming to have it. Or have been tested OK dumb on sheeple.

  2. The french are still calling it a epidemic, nothing to do with them, SIGNED, Macron. Those peope are living the ultimate buble!

  3. Well classic west government is lately not doing anything, but a lot of PR.
    So here we are.
    Yeas and print money.

  4. I have invested with BTCINVESTLIFESTYLE. C O M to be able to have more money for STOCKS PURCHASE like TESLA, APPLE, and others. Coronavirus has caused havoc but like I said, it’s an opportunity in disguise for me…

  5. Wear mask!!If don't wont to be a NUMBER.For coronavirus helps FFP3 or FFP2 or N95 or P3 mask. If All USA will be with coronavirus situations will be emergency!! 5% will be kill it's 15 million of person!!!20% with pneumonia ~ 60 million !! BE KERFULL

  6. All Presidents and Prime Ministers follow the guidance of WHO blindly!!!! Even Trump or B. Johnson!!! The WHO… as any United Nations agencies, is week and useless!!!!

  7. You people will find anything you can to bash Trump. Whatever he did, whatever he doesn’t do, you’ll make a negative story about him.

  8. It's all down to bats, mammals same as us. They fly with other viruses as well. This virus was predicted and a paper presented by 4 scientists in China 29 January 2019. It is open, which means anyone can read it. Shame their Government didn't read it.

  9. WHO is just an acronym for the Wuhan Health organization. Cause I didn’t think anybody could beat the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church but it seems the WHO has done it.

    Congrats you twats. Took you 3 months to do what should’ve been done back in early January.

  10. I just can not understand why governments around the world are so inactive. Being proactive is the only way to save lives, money, and everything. This is a war, you have to be as aggressive as possible.

  11. It seems they want us all get sick before few people who started this epidemic start making some real money by selling cure made out of same weakened bugs

  12. WHO is bought by china. A month ago they were urging not to impose travel restrictions. It’s like they want the world to suffer with them.

  13. The W.H.O was inactive how long did it take for them to get into China or even gathering information from them they have failed at their job horribly and the player needs to be held responsible for spreading it intentionally

  14. um thats funny from the WHO considering 10s of 1000s tweeted to them in early Jan and begged the to advise the halt all travel and they kept saying "now is not the time for travel bans" …..


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