Can you survive in BANGKOK with $20? (Budget Travel) – Vlog #71


Heading to Khao San Road, to Wat Pho with lunch, dinner and a hostel! Can you travel Bangkok for less than $20 a day on a budget? Welcome to my 2 part series starting with traveling Bangkok on a budget to the luxury side in the next vlog!

Beef Pad Thai – 50 baht (1.52)
Bus – 24 baht ($0.73)
Hostel – 164 baht ($5)
Motorbike to Wat Pho – 38 baht ($1.15)
Wat Pho – 100 baht ($3.04)
Tuk Tuk – 80 baht ($2.43)
Chang beer – 100 baht ($3.04)
Beef Fried noodles – 70 baht ($2.13)
= $19.04 USD

Cheers! #SeeLauTravel


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  1. Congrats on the future collab with LeBlanc , damn you deserve it !
    PS. I have a project coming up, that would help us (travel vloggers) in spreading out our content , though you along with 3 maybe 4 others would be great leaders of the project , would you be up for it ? ( I though about starting that project when I got 500 subs 🤔) would you be up for that ? 😁 As one of the founders you would get huge privileges !

  2. I need to go back to Wat Pho and get traditional Thai massage! Let’s walk around the Grand Palace and shop at Tha Prachan/Tha Maharaj with a lil bit extra budget hehe 😜

  3. Frugal living isn't for everyone but it allows people to save and invest more of their money. Great vlog! I hope to see more "themed" vlogs as it's a great way to switch up the content and keep things fresh! Oh ya, cool 46 meters long & 15 meters tall gold Buddha too! 😉 Loved the Rick Flair whoooo!

  4. Nice dude. Great video for the budget spend. Always awesome to see you don’t have to spend tons of cash to have fun and learn. Cheers


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