Boris Johnson shares coronavirus update as he self-isolates after testing positive


The Prime Minister thanked the nation for their efforts in the coronavirus pandemic as he spoke from home.

The PM, 55, was tested after experiencing mild symptoms of a cough and fever and will remain in self-isolation in his No11 flat for at least seven days.

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Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

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  1. Can someone tell the prime minister to drink warm apple cider vinegar with lemon, ginger and honey before bed time. It’s gives you some relief.

  2. I'm seen as a key worker and have no ppe the company has told us 2 get this our self's were riski g everything and getting nothing back my wife is crying eveytime I leave for work

  3. I am doing my bit by volunteering to go to the shop and resupply the beer. I feel like Tom Hanks on the beaches of Normandy.

  4. Look after yourself Boris!! Everyone, lets do this to get through it as best and fast as we can, sit on our couches, feet up, watching TV SAVING LIVES – God bless all front line staff and everyone helping out – take care everyone !!! x

  5. Big swipe at Thatcher at the end there… of course, she’d never have had this nonsense! A chemist by qualification, if my memory serves me correctly, she’d have understood the real threat and acted accordingly!

  6. %100 liar & con artist. Go to David Ickes channel a real Brit. who exposes this bum and wimp.

  7. english fan's singing about who the F are the IRA meaning F the Catholic people in Ireland and singing songs about Germany so you plumb's are singing about the 1970s and the 1940s, why don't you do a little ditty about ISIS to the tune of Robert De Nero's waiting 🤗

  8. I hope you used gloves when sending those letters Borris. Leave it on the doorstep!! my letter box is duck taped shut brother

  9. The NHS are amazing to the ones we already had and to those of you that have come out of retirement I bow 🙇‍♂️ to you all GOD BLESS and thank you from us ALL

  10. What if, Boris, Charles, Liz, health minister etc have all self isolated to stay safe but use excuse of testing positive to ease the process? A safety measure recommended to them, the lie is that are not positive but they wish to avoid panic if they isolate voluntarily. Equivalent of getting to the nuclear bunker. Not a problem to me but would appreciate honesty if it is the case. Also UK has been testing 5,000 people a week at best and seems most of that has been MPs etc. Not front line staff. Who really do warrant it. Kind of fair enough to protect the ‘elite’ but bear in mind Germany is testing 120k per week with similar size nations (roughly. Same land mass but they have 16m extra people.)

  11. Saddest thing as healthcare professional is I haven't kissed my daughter for 3 weeks and kept my distance as much as possible


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