Aries, This Is A Blessing In Disguise!! ~~ Weekly Guidance February 23 – 29


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    Mind Musings & Quotes –
    Rep Your Zodiac Sign! –

    Nina's Etsy Shop!!! Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry!!!
    Discount Code: DIVINETAROT10

  2. 🌸🐝♈️You're reading brought satisfying motions within my spirit, I have been in the headspace for years with decisions to make in my life. I finally realized I can't change people so I'm changing my environment for the better. You're reading resonates with me. Thank for your intuitive reading

  3. Your words are true! I am Earth sun(Taurus), fire (Aries moon), and water rising(Scorpio)! For Aries sun signs, trust what she says!!!!💯 GET ON YOUR NEW PATH, you got this. Don’t hold back, your Spirit has told you what excites you and just go for it slowly, methodically and patiently.

  4. Thank you so much! I’ve been job searching for almost 8 months now. I quit my old job that paid almost 90k because I was so miserable! I just finished grad school and am trying to make a career change into the HR field. Nobody has given me the time of day until very recently. I finally had one interview in December, on in January and another last Thursday which was my second interview. I feel like it went great but it’s very entry level with low pay. They made it sound like they were hiring me but now I haven’t heard back. 😭 I’m trying to stay positive but I’ve seen this before. I’m just ready for this struggle to be over and to be on my new path.

  5. Wow … I dont want to have doubts …. I will embrace the change that is coming and hope that I will continue to grow through the process…. Its mot easy but it is necessary … If I walk away now then I vacate my own values and character … Thank you .. For so much truth …

  6. Newly subscribed here 🙋🏾‍♀️. This is the 2nd reading of yours I've seen for Aries and I must say I'm speechless. I ve been at my unfulfilled 9-5 job for 10 years and my entire dept including myself were laid off on 2/7. I feel like God allowed this release because of fear of me not letting go and doing something new. I have been offered a opportunity to start something new (via fate) and you know of course my thoughts start to become fear based. But I surrender and am taken action.


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