A Million Dollars In Cash!


Today we had to get some shots for Jamie Foxx’s New Game Show called “Beat Shazam”! Make sure to go check it out on FOX. The insane Mercedes Bens 6×6 was from our friends at RDBLA.com.

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SONG: Roses & Money (3LAU Mashup) – The Chainsmokers vs DJ Snake vs Lil Dicky

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  3. You have a lot of money Can I ask you to share with me? I'm having problems I can only ask for 20-30 dollars. Can you give me? I love you idol

  4. Yo fake as fuck but if this was real, id rob that ass for sure. If I seen that in person. Would gladly rob about 200k of that.

  5. My brother and I just received our $100 bills from this legit plug and we have tried to use it in gas station and clubs and restaurants . Text… +1 717-347-6873

  6. What's up with the retarded music in the background someone thinks it sounds cool no it actually sounds like the way I think a dog butt would smell

  7. At least act like that "box of money" actually weighs something. It would be like picking up one of those big boxes of paper you get from staples.

  8. idiot: takes momey

    gamestop worker: sir this is fake.

    idiot: no it's not

    worker: yes it is

    idiot: idc just gimme all these gift cards for ps4

    worker: no ;-;

    idiot: i want v bucks tho.

    worker: throws money at his face.


    worker: gta respect meme


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