$98usd Huge Rent House in Thailand per month


Vlog#661 Today we go check out a my in laws Rent House. It is crazy how much they want for this big home per month. Also a great family Sunday Isan Meal.
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  1. So many comments about the cost of buying a home versus renting.. In the US a house cost very little to by in Louisiana, but the same house will cost a fortune in California. Maybe that is different in Europe where everything is the same price no matter where you live. I doubt it. Seems like there are many experts here on the Thai real estate market and the value of the That Phanom area.

  2. Hi is home located in Chiang mai ? Is the property still for rent. And do your in-laws have more homes for rent for same price or in that range? I'm from USA and looking to move to Thailand. Thank you for your time and God bless

  3. Chuck, you should never feel the need to explain why you live with Paige's family. That is a beautiful Thai thing, family is so important, and you are very happy. That gorgeous house though! Is it still for rent?

  4. Your philosphy is sound. My wife and I are in a similar situation. We have free access to houses and lands..but they are in areas like Maehongson. Too quiet for us. We like to do short term leases and just bring the bare essentials with us…in our covered pickup truck. There are reasonable rentals all over Thailand, as you say. As long as you stick with the owner of the house, you can negotiate short leases, with smaller deposits. It's much more fun that staying stagnant.

  5. 8 Million baht is a lot of money for that place. That is close to $260K USD! If the rent is around $98 a month, there is no way you would buy the run down place. It would take close to 200 years just to break even if renting. A $500K house out here in California can rent for close to $2400 a month and has a lot better returns. That would be close to 17 years to break even based on rent alone.

  6. Hello Chuck, I'd rent the place before end of 2019 if you would get back to me if its still available (prob not!).

  7. notime2bsad No window screens or ac I take it?
    Do you have to boil the tap water before drinking like in China?

  8. Easy day and a great meal with friends and family. Hard to imagine things being much better.
    I do gotta say that something needs to be done to put a stop to the bird invasion…
    Thanks for sharing Chuck, Paige and Soi Mafia.

  9. 8 Million bt for those 2 properties and land seems really expensive for Issan. Page's parents are mega rich with the business and all that property and a new Toyota Corolla Altis. Scotty Kilmer would approve of your father inlaw's Toyota. There must be a lot of money in Tuk Tuks.

  10. Just to let everyone know – Seattle, Washington Apt Rent 2 bedroom in an OK neighborhood $2000.00 USD a month, with Electric run you around $400.00 a month on top of that. There are rentals in downtown Seattle going for 1 bedroom $5,000.00 a month

  11. Living in the island window units are preferred due to cost and no water dumping. Some tenants just ruined it for me. Sold out.

  12. i have my windows open all the time except for my bedroom.. with ac. i had 2 little birds accidentally fly in from the bush. first one got out on it's own. 2nd one took a minute or two. i was thankful it got out before my cat got it

  13. mum is number one dad as well lol why move she love being their same as I would than ratling round home on me own I like people

  14. I enjoyed the house tour and whole your video:) You are right. When it comes to renting condo, it is really affordable in Thailand! Your video is informative too. Thank you:)

  15. If you get a multiyear lease that would work. Labor is cheap. I had have the same situation in Hanoi. I don't bother the landlord, and fix everything small. I installed my own ac. Been in the same spot for 3 year. Not that cheap.

  16. Paige is so cute, rubbing her stomach like she’s planning to make a food ‘baby’ in her belly. 🤣🤣🤣

  17. WOW!!! Now you have done it! I thought I was homesick before,but watching your video made me want to cry. I lived in Thailand for many years (Korat, Cho Ho) and even now consider it my home. My wife and I also lived with her parents, on a fish farm. Sadly my wife died in 2005. I continued to live there for several more years,we had a daughter, Jun Jira, my in laws,and my wife's 9 brothers and sisters. Not all lived there, but were all a big part of our lives. My daughter stayed in Thailand,is now married with 3of her own. I returned to the USA for work. I'm in Houston,Tx. and miss it all too much. Ask your wife's cousin if she knows Anna's Thai Food restaurant in the HongKong city mall. They have the only Thai food in Houston that tastes like home. Thank you so much for your video. I'm now a subscriber and will watch everything you post.

  18. Totally agree with you, no need to buy real estate in Thailand, rental are so cheap, no stress and no financial burden of fixing things, have more freedom to travel, many people believe that buying real estate is the way to go but in my opinion too risky because for a farang things can change very quickly.


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