5 Best Inexpensive Fountain Pens For Beginners


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Get your hands on one of our recommended best budget fountain pens:

*Pilot Metropolitan:
It was introduced in 2012 and it was universally praised as a really good fountain pen especially at the price point. It comes in a nice gift box, has a nice weight, very clean lines, and you can even choose between different nib widths which is not something you often find in this price range.

*Pilot Varsity:
Usually, it’s sold in a five pack for ten dollars and it has a nib, it looks pretty cheap like a typical rollerball and it is all plastic. It’s considered a disposable fountain pen that you can’t refill once the ink is all gone.

*Chinese Jinhao X 450:
These pens cost approximately $5 each and most people are shocked by how low the prices are and how valuable it seems in comparison. If you want a huge bang for the buck, Jinhao is definitely worth a look.

*Chinese Jinhao X 750:
On the other hand, the X 750 has kind of a brushed stainless steel look in platinum color the nib is likewise in the same color. It has a nice lid that clicks on and seems quite tight even though over time, I don’t quite think it will stand the test of time.

*Lamy Safari:
The standard version of the Safari is made out of plastic. You can also find different versions of metals such as aluminum but in my experience, they dent very easily and scratch so they don’t look very well. Going with the original plastic version is just fine. The styling is definitely the most industrial one but it’s very comfortable in your hand and it’s very easy to grip for small hands as well as medium hands.

*Is It Worth It? – Mont Blanc Pens:
*Fountain pen mistakes to avoid:
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  1. Can you use the same fountain pen if you want a different ink color? Not sure if mixing and matching colors would ruin your inks.

  2. Well, I'm not a gentleman but a lady. Anyway, the pilot varsity was probably the first fountain pen I had but I was like 13 so I got it just for curiosity. I had more inexpensive reusable childish like ones.
    The first that I bought when I got seriously interested in fountains was the Lamy Safari as I heard it was good for beginners.
    It's funny how you mention that you feel like it's a scholar pen as I bring it usually to university for classes where it's more comfortable write than type and more if it's a class where you have to write non stop, a fountain pen is more comfortable for me as I don't have to make so much pressure and tires less the hand.

    The students usually bring the typical big pen (as a lover of all that has to do with good quality stationery, something I will never buy or use) and so far I saw no one using a fountain pen not even the teachers so as I don't want to luck posh I bring the most inexpensive one I have but that is comfortable and writes well.

    Some months ago I felt kinda nostalgic and bought a set of 10 non-reusable fountain pens from Zebra Sarasa, as I like the brand, and well I can't really say something bad about them for the price and what they are. And I feel like they could be even good for beginners but obviously one can feel the difference.
    I probably will use them for not taking in class as my personal version of a big pen, as anyway, I re-write my notes on a computer or by hand making them luck neater.

  3. My first pen was a "cheap" MontBlanc. My second was a MontBlanc Meisterstück. (Got it in 3rd grade when my grandfather died) I'm still using it together with my dip pen.

  4. Is a fountain pen the best tool for children beginning to write? Do they come in child sizes? Or are the ones displayed for illiterate adults?

  5. My pick was the X450, I love it and it really looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Also it writes very smoothly, no scratchy feeling and very well made.

  6. I lost my father 10 years ago. I found his lamy safari a month ago. I think im getting some ink soon, seems nice to use

  7. I had forgotten to mention–Parker isn't in Janesville any more, or even in England. To use their warranty they want you to send the pen to France! No thanks. I'll pay a US pen repair place where I know what's going on before sending it off like that.

  8. My Parker Duofold is in the hospital right now, so I reverted to the Parker 45 my Uncle Ralph give me for Christmas in high school–60 years ago–I had forgotten how nicely it writes. When I get the Duofold back I may keep it for use only at home.

  9. Here is a tip for you guys. I use a syringe to refill the cartridge. I do that to my 3 fountain pens and no problems at all.

  10. I. Just. Wish. That. You. Should. Have. Included. A. Parker. Pen. In. The. List. !!! Some. Parker. Pens. Are. Available. At. A. Very. Affordable. Price. !!!!

  11. My favorite part about the Lamy Safari is that you can mix and match colors among your collection (or with your friends).

  12. I love my Jinhao 599, write really smooth imo
    I use it everyday for 3 years
    even bent the nib once but manage to get it back in shape

  13. My most expensive pen I have is a vintage R0tring 600, but my pen I use most is a cheap Baoer 388 works perfectly. For more thick and thin combination when I draw it's a vintage Kondor I repaired as my first try to repair a pen, maybe this is even my favorite pen as it was free and I repaired it so that it writes as it does. My point is the Baoer works perfect after adjusting, you won't care if it breaks for a price of about 3USD you could just buy a new one. Its a good first time pen for trying to adjust the nib and the one I have is a nice and shiny black plastic with gold metals on it very simple design that looks a bit like a Parker.. It's light, sturdy, feels good in hand so why go further then that with a first timer..
    I have cheap Hero ink and it works as expected, I also have some vintage really really old ink. but I'm not going to use that just yet.

  14. I've enjoyed using fountain pens on and off for years (am 55 now), which is somewhat odd, as my penmanship is atrocious.

  15. I, too, grew up in Germany. 😊 Started on a Pelikan fountain pen (there was Team Pelikan and Team Geha rivalry among the students!); then switched to Lamy (was the cool brand then, I guess). Still love yhem both. 😊👍

  16. Kann man mit sowas auch auf normalen linierten und karierten blättern schreiben oder kann man nur mit den stiften auf dieses eine spezielle Papier benutzen

  17. Kaweco AC Sport and my vintage Kaweco Dia (it's from ante 1940). Both don't support cartridges. At the moment, I write a lot with a Lamy Al Star (I also got a Lamy Vista). I do in fact collect fountain pens, especially vintage ones.


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