2001 Subaru Impreza RS 2JZ Swap: Regular Car Reviews


This is a Subaru RS with a Toyota 2JZ engine. Asking price: $150,000 USD. See this article from /Drive.



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  1. After the test drive began, I just couldn't watch any more. What an absolute waste of… everything. I would say to each their own, but nope,,, this car is the new stupid.

  2. This gave me flashbacks to some years ago… I'm driving down the highway in my 3000gt with the girl I was dating at the time. I'm all the way over in the left lane. All the way in the right lane was a mint looking Smokey and the Bandit-esk Trans Am. We were by no means driving slow…. Just enjoying our company. Then out of nowhere this angry ass early 90s Honda Accord junk box with mixed matched panels, rust, and primer paint pulls up in the middle lane egging us on to race. Turbo so big you could hear it with the windows rolled up at highway speeds. Needles too say the Trans Am and I weren't risking an "L" to that. Would've been embarrassing as hell especially with the girl in my car. I'll never forget. Lmaooo

  3. 650 horsepower only… why does he have the starting sequence of a 2100hp paint thinner 7 second drag car then??? That thing should NOT sound like that starting up with a power figure suited to an unopened motor. hundreds of supras out there that start up like stock with your typical 500-700hp on a beginner tune APU big single, exhaust, ECU, and fuel setup. someone, somewhere along the build process overdid something in that engine.. and failed something else horribly.

  4. You know that there is a problem off the bat with the car getting delivered on a Uhaul truck/trailer combo. Don't get me wrong, I understand the passion and LOVE IT but at a point you have to actually invest back into yourself.


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