We are looking at rare $2 Dollar Bills Worth Money. This is rare money to look for in circulation. For more valuable coin and currency tips give the video a thumbs up! Keep coin roll hunting and always remember you can find rare coins without going to a coin dealer or coin shop and spending money!

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  1. Ok what about a 1953 $2 red seal series A RADAR note? I only hunt low serial number or radar notes.

  2. My older brother has a 2 dollar bill…
    But he says that he probably used it because he no money left. Welp, there goes that.

  3. Some guy gave me 25 of them to pay me 50 dollars and I saved them and now I can't find them. I wonder if they were rare.

  4. I just came across you I collect full sheet uncirculated half and quart sheet of #2 I just like having the in a frame on when he walls looks very cool all years 1976 all way up to 2013 I guess I like to collect things it fun a little money can make alot later.
    Professional frame

  5. I have a 1976 2 dollar bill – 4 pieces uncut with plate position A1, B1,C1,D1 and all with the same serial nos. with the cover of Bureau of Engraving & Printing.

  6. We do have huge amount of ready made United States Dollars(USD) in different denominations ready for exchange in the UAE (United Arabs Emirates ) Dubai.

    Kindly get back to us through email or whatsapp at +16502040629 for details.

  7. I got three paper jam error, how can I get make it official and it's in excellent condition

  8. I had one that said Happy Birthday Deloris written in blue ink was that worth anything, I think it was Deloris, it rhymed with a female body part is all I remember.

  9. I have a two dollar bill that has A03383383 when I saw the 0 was so sad
    But I do have a pair one number on the end is one number higher but it's all the same

  10. I found a $2 bill yesterday with Jefferson's house on the back of the bill, I've never seen one like it before


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