18 USD. BIG Arduino VU Meter WS2812B Ring #002


20,- USD TOTAL FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! World Wide.
How to build see link below.. Or www.wannaduino.com
ANYBODY can build this. Arduino MEGA power, a Switch, and a Mic sensor.
Arduino MEGA,
WS2812 LED Ring,
Mic Audio Sensor, THE MAX4466 WORKS THE BEST

For some BARGAINS check BangGood, al my gear comes from them


There was a name written here to credit someone BUT FUCK THAT now. let the TRUTH PREVAIL..

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  1. Hi, I really like it, so nice look.
    Do you sell the full package ( ring, controller and power supply ) ?
    I see the link you post with all materials,
    but I’m not smart enough to make it alone.

  2. And also how you would do that, with a 3.5 jack audio input instead of microphone? so it is more accurate, and at the same time the speakers plays.
    Don't yout hink is better that way?=
    JAck input isntead of micro

  3. I only neeed 1 thing … for you would be very easy , as I am using this on UNO r3 isntead of mega … I am short of memeory …
    Can you share a code that makes the exat smae animation radomly withot mic? XD
    VU meter without metering nothing at all …. just the aniamtion.

  4. Wanna …. I just wanna make this tooo

    The best VU meter for a ring like WS2812 I have found so far…

    You are my man …

  5. Between you two, (Cine-lites) are coming up with some nice effects for these leds. I bought a teensy from alixpress, but it was only and old version, 1 i think – no good for anything. will order a few more.. paying more attention to right one!. love what yous 2 do, keep at it, u r helping me slowly learn more too 🙂 thanks.


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