#165 "Future of Currency" Bitcoin Billionaire vs Fiat/USD Billionaire


The “Future of Currency” Bitcoin Billionaire vs Fiat/USD Billionaire + BTC Security vs. Volatility (Bitcoin-BTC) ♥ Become A Patron:

Tim Draper says, “Bitcoin is more secure than dollars in the bank”; that the “Blockchain has not been hacked, whereas banks have been hacked over and over”. Tim Draper is thinking about Bitcoin at “the future currency”.

Also, last year, more Blockchain patents were filed than all years previous. Most of these Blockchain patents are owned by Bank of America, Craig Wright (AKA: Not-Satoshi), and companies in China.

Yet, in America, Berkshire Hathaway V.P. says Bitcoin is ‘Disgusting’, and that the government should “step on it”. While in New York, the Federal Reserve Bank economists argue Bitcoin is irrelevant because we don’t live in “a dystopian world without trust”. There is a lot to review, Let’s Discuss!

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  1. Patent’s are tools used for competitive advantage in the traditional competitive world of “closed” / “centralized” for-profit businesses. This won’t work in this case. In time – within a mass open source economy, The People and open source will prevail. …Recall Napster? There will be a battle of sorts when conflicting interests arise, but the.closed institutions ultimately will realize there is little they can do to protect their intellectual property in this domain. Bottom line is – we shouldn’t put much thought, effort, or worry into the patent topic.

  2. Excellent overview of current trends in BTC and Blockchain. Thanks Gary! If BOA has secured the most US and Int'l Patents in Crypto … then couldn't we expect the IP portion of their Balance Sheet to appreciate as the interest in blockchain and crypto-currencies burgeons?

  3. Thank you for your original show Gary. Most youtubers are copycats, but you seem to have original subjects all the time to discuss. I love it!

  4. My issue with crypto currency is ..too many scams already costing billions in total, thousands of shit coins that serve no purpose, no FDIC – like entity to guarantee even a minimum, block chain technology is bringing what we all fear, which is complete transparency of our financial activities… It's basically a wild wild west with snake oil salesmen everywhere.

  5. The public needs to know how their money in banks is at risk. During the last finance al crisis there were runs on some banks and some people did loose. Countrywide Mortgage went belly-up and the few banking branches they own experienced runs and were forced to close the doors for few days. People having deposits over the $100k limit at the time lost all their money on those balances over this limit. It really happened! Further, there are new banking laws on the books allowing for “bail-ins” as opposed to the government “bail-outs” the banks got the last round. In fact their was a trial run on the “bail-in” scheme in Cyprus banks a few years ago…a small trial run so to speak. The risk of having money in banks these days is huge imho.

  6. I agree with warren buffet, question is WHEN it will come to a bad ending. Dollar will in a few years for sure.
    They say that there is a crash coming I only wonder if Cryptocurrency or Gold will be the better investment

  7. Patents violate the principle of freedom: of anything and anyone being able to go through their natural cycle.


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