100w Laser *$150,000 PER YEAR* be a BOSS


222 Roger Webb demonstrates a 6090 – 100-watt laser a small manufacturing production run with lasercut6.1. Pen ordering Email: rogerwebb521@gmail.com

My hand made pens are for sale
Up to 2000-year-old wood pens
Huon pine USD$49
Myrtle USD$49
Blackwood USD$49
Oak USD$45
****+ shipping ****

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  1. Where did you get the little stand-offs used to raise the acrylic up off of the work platform?

    EDIT: I think I found them. They just appear to be magnetic refrigerator hooks. https://www.amzn.com/B07JDDT7KZ

  2. my 100w Reci laser engraves well but i can see some 'fumed' effect on artwork. im trying to use a paper sticker as a mask

  3. Hello Roger, I would like to know if possible the price and
    where I can get a machine like yours but with an area work of 1300/900 mm. Secondly if there a problem how it can be fixed. Thank you for answering me

  4. Everyone is on here talking about it would be hard to sell that many keychains. Me and you should talk business sometime, if they have the right design on them I can move tens of thousands of keychains. You have a business email? We could break some bread.

  5. HI I was wondering what are you using in the Engraver machine to hold the acrylic up off the honeycomb grate?

  6. Sir i want to get some info i have 100w laser cutting machine i am cutting heat stiker sheet .its take 20mm speed for proper cutting with 90% power .is it possible to make it faster ?

  7. Indeed! I can certainly see the profit per project ca-pita here. Even if you only manufactured those key rings, I could sell a truck load of those just sitting on my backside out at the flea market…. (now, if only I had a legit currency printer to purchase this laser printer, hmm) I'll get back to you. (lol) Thanks for the video! (b.t.w. I'm a Webb also! related?) All th' best to you, and yours!

  8. This was a great tutorial. Thanks so much. I'm looking for the software, Laser cut 6. Merry Christmas

  9. You just need to be able to think about how the best way to go about selling these items is. If you can do this….. you will sell them. I know people who make lots of money making things for gift shops and they are things i never imagined people would buy. A small rock polisher if put in the right hands can make 2000 dollars a day as well. This is a great invention and teaches the people they do not need to be miserable to be happy. If the government actually coordinated a system of selling goods like this instead of keeping wealth to a minimal in the US you wouldn't have the outrage from uneducated people. Education could be built around ideas such as this instead of creating mcdonalds employees. Eventually I will be able to get one of these myself. What he is doing is genius. You can make so much more than just key chains with a laser. If you make the machine do minimal work in a mass production style this gives the machine more life for more profit. I can think of at least 100 things off the top of my head that can be laser cut.


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