$1000 vs $10,000,000 Violin


$10 Million Violinist: Yu-Chien Benny Tseng
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  1. i love the talking out the ass trying to reason the unreasonable. the difference is 200$ max. yes it is old and idiots want to pay for it, it does not mean it is worth more than 200 000 – 300 000 $

  2. Only reason why these old violins are so expensive is rarity and heritage. They're not made out of magic. Do they sound beautiful? Undoubtedly, but not millions of dollars worth of beautiful. A thousand dollar violin sounds beautiful. They're just musical instruments for god's sake. There are luthiers today that can match and even exceed the level of quality and craftsmanship of these absurdly expensive vintage instruments, but they aren't exclusive historical artifacts.

  3. The expensive violin has such fine brush strokes – a very crisp, dry sound with microdetails. The Eddy violin has some harsh, nasty notes in there – there are some less than fortunate resonances in that body. The Brett violin has a mellow, soft sound, where the broader brush strokes it paints gives a very agreeable sound. Not as detailed, but well balanced.

  4. They all sound exactly the same… The $10,000,000 violin costs that much not because it has better quality or sound, but because of who made it, it’s condition, and how rare it is. Change my mind.

  5. Yes there is a difference between the different violins when Yu-Chien plays them. But that difference is magnified tenfold when TwoSet plays them. This just proves that a true virtuoso can make even the worst instrument sound good. As Eddy said, it's 80% skill and 20% instrument. Although I'd ramp that up to 90 and 10. Most obviously TwoSet are accomplished violinists in their own right. But within the world of virtuoso classical music repertoire (which is already microscopic), Yu-Chien here blows them out of the water.

  6. Roses are red, Violets are blue.
    There's always an Asian that's better than you.
    Even yourself is an Asian.


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