$1 Banh Mi Vs $100 Banh Mi – The Complete Guide to Banh Mi in Saigon (Featuring Kyle Le)


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Egg Banh Mi Info
Bánh mì Nga
Giá bánh mì trứng: 10.000
Giá bánh mì cá mòi: 10.000
Giá bánh mì thịt: 10.000
Add: 127 Trần Đình Xu St, district 1
Operation hours: 6:30AM-11:30AM

Roasted Pork Banh Mi Info
Bánh mỳ heo quay Liên Thái
Add: 95-97 Trần Đình Xu St, Nguyễn Cư Trinh ward, district 1.
Opereation hours: 6AM-1AM

Cold Cut Banh Mi Info
Bánh mì Phú Quý
Giá: 15.000- 20.00-25.000VNđ
Add: 117Bis Cống Quỳnh St, Nguyễn Cư Trinh ward, district 1
Operation Hours: 4:30Am-8:00Pm

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  1. takes the cucumbers off the egg sando and keeps calling the maggi “soy souce”. fuck this white fool, jesus lol

  2. Eats Poop soup but cant handle a juicy almost tasteless cucumber and he loves salt which when put on cucumbers tastes like salt water for the most part. Thats a lil weird.

  3. Beautiful Country is very big very nice place beautiful foods lots of stalls love this kind of foods spices and not spicy very good healthy foods thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods

  4. I used to love your viedos. But never again! This is the most awkward show ever. Its so rude I was cringing! Why can’t you just cut the sandwich in half. You asked the guy to be with you on your video and this is how you treat him??

  5. lol…Next time share! When someone is showing you around, its always good to share your food! Its good Karma! (Don't be a cabron!) Happy Food Tasting. Love your videos! (:

  6. Bucket list. lol Slice the Banh mi first, the scenario makes it feel so Awkward, feels like all my show., not our show hahaha.

  7. Me: Thinking man that egg sammich looks good, (hit pause, checked fridge, had all the ingredients, made me a bahn mi, then hit un-pause) then chowed down during the rest of the show.

  8. Your friend is lucky,he actually gets to taste it.I even open my mouth when you do and lick my fingers,dam it looks so good

  9. I know you don't cut the $100 banh my for a purpose but that look ridiculous and extremely impolite. IMHO it's ruined the video at the end


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