🇯🇵 TOP 10 JAPANESE MONEY Travel Tips: Yen, ATMs & More 🇯🇵


Japanese money is EASY to manage. Whether you’re getting yen or planning on foreign exchange, the easiest way to get money in Japan is by visiting a convenience store ATM. So watch all of our 10 tips to find out about using Japanese money, paying bills, paying sales tax, and many other travel trip tips.

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  2. for dkk the conversion is about 15 for each dkk(like the USD it's just approximately). so just assume about 10dkk per 150 yen(60 dkk for 1000 yen)

  3. When I was stationed in Yokosuka, I'd just use my Navy Federal card at 7-11s to withdraw money. Worked every time! I can't recommend getting a card from a credit union enough! They reimburse your ATM fees and you can take out small loans easily and bigger loans have better rates! Quick question though, I have a Honda Federal Credit Union card and was wondering if that would be classified as a Japanese bank/card since Honda is based in Japan? I'm guessing probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

  4. Omg, thank you two so much for making this video! <3 I'm not sure if the money I'm bringing would be enough, so it's great that I can use an atm machine if I start running low on cash. ^-^


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